Credit Application for Short-Term Truck Rentals

By taking advantage of our short-term truck rental credit, you can get on the road quickly and start supporting your business in no time! Our credit  application is easy, and payment terms can be set up to match your business needs!

Apply for Truck Rental Credit

This application is for short-term rentals and lease options.  For new & used truck financing and parts & service financing, please see our other credit applications  To be considered for Truck Rental Financing, the form found below must be filled out completely, signed, and submitted.  Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance.

Need help determining which credit application is right for you?

Call us today to find out more information or set up an appointment.  We are eager to help your business succeed and we know how a reliable Peterbilt Truck can be vital to helping you accomplish your goals. See for yourself how a dependable Peterbilt Truck can support your business

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